Creta Interclinic

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Creta Interclinic


to Creta InterClinic, the only high standard diagnostics, therapeutics, surgical & research medical center, located in the heart of Irakleion city, ready to cover all medical needs.

Creta InterClinic

Creta InterClinic is equipped with medical clinics – laboratories and special units installed with the latest medical equipment, combined with the best experienced scientific personnel, making it the only private hospital ready to meet all medical needs in primary and secondary health care.
All patients can be treated at Creta InterClinic for the field of primary medical care either through the policlinic department or as internal patients, undergoing any and all medical examinations which are required for swift diagnosis and treatment.

For secondary medical care in particular, and for the first time in history for the island, all needs can be covered by the Creta InterClinic Cardiac Surgery clinic. Creta InterClinic is also the first private hospital in Crete to establish Vascular and Neurosurgery clinics, Endoscopy department and an Orthopaedics rehabilitation center.

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