VIP room

The majority of travel and health insurance organizations have already contracted the Creta InterClinic Hospital to provide their insured members a variety of services from a simple pre-insurance control (check-up) up to the treatment of serious incidents.
However even if there is no cover by private medical insurance, the Creta InterClinic Hospital will give the patient the reassurance of knowing the cost of treatment before coming into hospital. The Creta InterClinic Hospital also believe in pricing our services so that they are as affordable as possible and at any case much lower than in any hospital in Germany.
The patient is not required to pay anything towards his / her surgery costs until his / her admission to the Creta InterClinic Hospital. No deposit is required in advance.
The Creta InterClinic Hospital accepts all credit cards and travellers’ checks. The payment of the medical expenses and the doctors’ fees are made at the admission date to the Creta InterClinic Hospital. Deposits are not required.
Below are guide prices for the most common operations. There is no charge for the first consultation  - Prices are fixed and inclusive of:
  •     Accommodation in a two bed ward,
  •     Surgeon and anaesthetist fees,
  •     Operation theatre costs
  •     Nursing costs
  •     Medication pertaining to the operation and aftercare in Crete
  •     Post-operative consultations in Crete
  •     Follow-up contact and consultations with your surgeon when you return to the UK
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