Whatever the reason for a patient is to visit Creta InterClinic Hospital, he will feel confident that is benefited from up-to-date techniques, procedures and technology. The personnel of the outpatients department at the Creta InterClinic Hospital ensure that every patient:
  •     receives information about the hospital's services in a language that is easy to understand
  •     is cared for in a safe and comfortable environment, with appropriate clinical standards
  •     is given a clear explanation about your condition by his consultant and any treatment, investigation or procedure proposed, including any risks and alternatives, before agreeing on the course of action to be taken
  •     is able to seek a second opinion if he so wish
  •     has access to his medical records
  •     expects all hospital staff to treat any information about his condition in confidence
  •     has access to an up-to-date register of consultants with practising privileges at the hospital with details of their specialties
  •     has any complaint, verbal or written, fully investigated and receive a response, either verbal or written in accordance with our complaints policy
  •     is able to choose whether or not to take part in clinical staff training and whether to take part in research
  •     finds the direction signs throughout the hospital clear and easy to follow
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