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Creta InterClinic

Creta InterClinic was established in 2002 by a group of doctors. The majority of them are shareholders of the company. Creta InterClinic is a model Diagnosis – Treatment – Surgical & Research Center located in the heart of the city of Heraklion.

In secondary health care, Creta InterClinic is capable of meeting every need which may be required in every medical specialty area. Especially in the field of Cardiac Surgery, all the needs of the population can be covered by the Cardiac Clinic of Creta InterClinic as well as for the first time for Cretan private hospitals, Vascular and Neurosurgery, Endoscopy, Policlinic Clinics and the Orthopedics Surgery Rehabilitation Department provides the possibility of Orthoclastic Surgery on knees and hips.For the establishment of clinics, departments and laboratories of Creta InterClinic leading scientists in all medical fields worked together creating a private hospital equipped with the most modern and newest medical technology science has to offer in order to ensure the provision of high quality medical, nursing and other health services.

Today a modern building in the center of the city of Heraklion, staffed by experienced and highly trained medical, nursing and administrative personal, Creta InterClinic can cover and health care need.