Information and guidelines for


Creta InterClinic offers hospitality rooms of all categori es (Lux, Single, Double, Triple, Five-Bed) The total number of beds is 62. The rooms are fully equipped with all the modern comforts.

From the moment that our patients arrive to the Creta InterClinic Hospital, our thoughtful, understanding, supportive staff is devoted to their well-being. We explain the medical matters in straightforward language, without using technical terms or jargon. In conjunction with each patient’s consultant, we give our patients all the facts and advice and we help them prepare for their stay. We make sure that our patients receive every service they require and we are ready to discuss wit them any decisions affecting their treatment. There are always friendly faces on hand to answer their questions and make sure that they are at ease with what’s happening. We always aim to provide our patients

  • 24 hour-a-day access to a doctor in accordance the medical care needs of each patient
  • at least one visit every day from a senior member of the nursing team
  • an allocated member of the care team, who will co-ordinate care and act as a primary contact point for the patient as well as for friends or relatives
  • privacy and dignity at all times
  • confidence that patients’ rights are recognised and respected by all staff involved in their care regardless of age, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation
  • a range of meals suitable for special dietary or clinical needs.

On admission date a welcome sheet is handed over to the patient giving accurate and useful information in order to make his/her stay at our clinic the most comfortable possible.
We mention briefly :

  • Personal items and items for personal care
    Upon your arrival at the ward, a bag with necessary personal items for the first few hours of your stay will be given to you by the nursing staff containing slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, sponge, shaving kit.
  • For the storage of cash and valuable
    Upon request, safe deposit boxes for the storage of cash and valuables are at your disposal. By opening a safe, you will get a key and then you are fully responsible fo ryour belongings. The hospital doesn’t assume any responsibility for valuable and / or personal items that are held from the patient in the ward.
  • Service department for foreign patients office hours
    Daily : 07:30-23:30
    Weekend : 08:00-23:30

Our friendly and efficient staff is always at your disposal for your whole stay. For more information or further questions, do not hesitate to contact with us during the above mentioned office hours at the extension number : 890

When a patient is discharged, we want him/her to feel confident that he/she has sufficiently prepared for his/her return home. And so, in conjunction with his/her consultant, we aim to ensure that he will be:

  • provided with all the necessary advice, information and medical supplies to enable his/her immediate return to his/her home
  • given all relevant contact details to enable him/her to call the hospital at any time should any problems arise
  • contacted, by a member of his/her care team once he/she is at home (if he/she so wish), to confirm that he/she is making a satisfactory recovery and to provide him/her with any further advice

To contact with the International Patient Department, call us at the number: +30 2810-371205, +30 2810-373890.