Emergency Services of

Creta InterClinic

If you ever have an emergency medical problem, the Creta InterClinic provides as 24-hour, 7 days a week, Emergency Room facility. EMERGENCY CALL CENTER 0030 2810 373800. An Emergency Room (ER) physician sees a huge range of medical conditions – no other specialty in medicine see s the variety of conditions that an emergency room sees. This is why at Creta InterClinic we have a team of doctors with broad general medical experience as well as the skills to cope with emergency or critical conditions.

Chest paints, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, pneumonia, sever abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, strokes, loss of function or numbness in arms or legs, loss of vision, hearing, unconsciousness, altered level of consciousness, fainting, overdoses, food poisoning, severe allergic reactions, complication from diseases, high fevers, sports injuries, broken bones and outs from accidents, burns, car accidents, uncontrolled bleeding and blood when vomiting are some of the conditions that bring patients to Creta InterClinic’s ER.